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Comparator Sourcing

VRC Medical Services a Industry Leading specialty distributor committed to providing pharmaceuticals We work directly with manufacturers and wholesalers in order to procure comparators drugs and as well as hard to access medicine and biologics, VRC guarantees product integrity to both the supplier and end user, guaranteeing full traceability.

We are proud of the established global network of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who give us cost-effective access to quality medications, medical supplies and DME. We can even procure hard-to-find or rare medications just as efficiently as we do with over-the-counter meds – tell us how much you need, when you need it and where.

  • Supply of medicinal drugs at any quantity
  • Quick and efficient deliver
  • International Sourcing connections and Supply Chains
  • International procurement with experience in cross-border customs requirements
  • QA compliance and transparency

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VRC Medical Services has direct accounts with major wholesalers and manufacturing companies for comparator drugs. We have the ability to offer large single lots with long expiration dates at their most competitive prices. Our focus is in Compliance and Dedication. [ READ MORE ]



At VRC Medical Services, we provide our clients with comparator drugs, non-control drugs and all types of investigational medicinal products for clinical trials and much more. [ READ MORE ]



Choosing VRC Medical Services to supply your clinical drug testing needs...what you get from our team's support services in Comparator Sourcing. Learn more about it! [ READ MORE ]

Our Mission Statement

We strive to bring comparator drug products from their source to their destination without compromising their quality during transit.